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Sound and tone

The term “acoustics” is derived from the Greek word for “hearing” and means the study of sound and its effects. Acoustics is the part of physics concerned with how sound waves arise and how they are propagated.

Propagation of sound

Sound waves emitted by a sound source spread out, initially in a smooth manner in all directions, until they strike an obstacle. The portion that is reflected, the portion absorbed and the portion that continues to spread become superimposed and form a very complex sound field.

Influencing the sound field

You can influence a sound field like this with targeted measures, no matter whether you want to reduce the intensity of the sound, or dampen down or even emphasise individual parts of the sound field.

Under Airborne sound you will find quantitative statements about the effects of our sound-absorbing booths on the propagation of sound through air.

Choosing Impact sound from the menu will take you to information on the influence of different floor constructions on the spread of the structure-borne sound.

Finally, under Room acoustics there is a description of the ways in which you can affect the sound field using various acoustic elements.

Acoustic parameters

Statistical information about acoustic properties is generally provided on our behalf by sworn experts or appraisers in accordance with the applicable standards by measuring items from series production, and also certified by these experts. In certain individual cases it is based on information from suppliers (e.g. surface absorbers).

This is what we are aiming for…
Measuring acoustics in a studio
Measuring acoustics in a studio