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Impact sound

Impact sound is the name given to the portion of the sound from a source that is partly propagated via solid construction components such as walls, ceiling and floor, and partly spreads through the ambient air and is re-emitted.

Floor construction and reducing impact sound

The part of the sound coming from footsteps or other mechanical impacts that enters the floor of the booth is effectively reduced by the elastic floor construction.

Measuring the impact sound level

With impact sound, too, the efficacy of an acoustic technique is determined as the difference between the levels in the source room and the receiving room – this is called the impact sound level difference. It is expressed as the weighted impact sound level Ln,w. Here a high numerical value for Ln,w represents a large reduction of the impact sound level.

All measurements are conducted in accordance with the legally required standards by sworn independent experts.

The following graph shows the weighted impact sound level difference of a booth with a soft mounted dual sprung floor. The corresponding individual numerical values are given in the adjacent table.

Tapping machine
Tapping machine
Dual sprung floor
Dual sprung floor