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A concept with a future.

Desone soundproof booth in a university

One major feature of our products is their modular construction. This means that elements that are identical or from the same product range can be exchanged and added in almost any way you like.

This concept has the following advantages:

  • Mobility for switching to another location or a different use
  • Flexibility in arranging and extending the modules
  • Units are soon ready to use; alterations are also quick

Our principle of modular construction is backed up by the tongue-and-groove system of our sound-absorbing booths and the easy-release fasteners on our acoustic elements.

Mobility is an economic advantage.

The mobility of our products makes relocation a simple matter, e.g. when moving to larger rooms.

During a move a fixed installation would cause extra costs for dismantling, disposal and redecoration, but with a modular system your investment in sound insulation and room acoustics remains intact. If you relocate, there are no marks left behind – the walls and the floor remain just as they were. All the modules can be re-used.

Meeting your needs – even if they change.

Our products provide a perfectly tailored solution for your workplace –meeting your requirements concerning space, acoustics and the necessary equipment.

The separation of the functions of sound isolation and internal acoustics allows both aspects to be adjusted independently to suit your individual uses.

The flexibility of the modular system also means that if you swap rooms or change the arrangement where you are working, your investment in sound insulation and room acoustics will continue to be used in the best possible way.

Rapid reaction to your needs.

Our skilled planning and production team will quickly find the optimum solution for your acoustic requirements. We support every project from the initial offer right through to its realisation. This one-stop service reduces planning time to a minimum.

Relocation of a Desone S:BOX
Relocation to new premises
Modules before assembly
Modules before assembly
Tripartite installation of a Desone S:BOX