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Desone T:BOX

Our mobile sound insulation systems and modular acoustics give top value for money. The production of small series using modern machinery means that we always provide high quality and can react flexibly – even to meet unusual special requests.

Soundproof booths and chambers

At the heart of our range is the “room within a room” – booths based on a frame construction with inserted wall elements.

  • Audiometry booths A:BOX for medical practices and hospitals
  • Measuring booths M:BOX and compact sound-protected measuring chambers M:BOX mini requiring a minimum of space. For research and technical development
  • Electromagnetically shielded booths E:BOX for medical and technical purposes
  • Recording booths T :BOX for speakers and sound studios
  • Practice booths S:BOX - our “soundblocker” with a specially high level of insulation

For information about the sizes of Desone soundproof booths go to
Planning / Sizes of booths

Acoustic elements

These components permit the acoustics of a room to be defined almost any way you like, for a sound-isolated booth, a sound studio, a measuring room, an audiometry room, or a research laboratory. They are simple to combine, add on and exchange.

  1. Cladding for room walls and ceilings
  2. Absorbers in various sizes and colours
Desone S:BOX
Spacious soundproof practice booth S:BOX by Desone used for drum lessons
Blockabsorbers BAB in S:BOX
Modular acoustic elements (BAB)