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Booths for audiometric testing
Desone A:BOX

Our soundproof audiometric booths Desone A:BOX are designed for audiometric examinations and testings. Without interference from outside an ideal working environment is created, e.g. for hearing threshold audiometry under free-field listening conditions in accordance with ISO 8253, hearing screening with BERA, adaptation of hearing aids, or for other medical examinations.


The audiometry booths System ZS come either as small booths for a single patient or as larger versions with space for a patient and a member of staff.


The A:BOX is quickly assembled in various environments without the need for construction work, for example directly in your practice, parallel to the normal work of your practice, or in a dedicated room just for audiometry tests.


Our hearing test booths, measuring rooms and examination rooms are adapted to the requirements of the practice or hospital. The standard level of equipment already contains many accessories, and depending on the desired purpose, various other equipment or extra modules can be added.

Inside a BERA audiology booth by Desone
Inside view of a Desone A:BOX (BERA)
Audiometry booth Desone A:BOX System ZS
Audiometry booth A:BOX System ZS