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Electromagnetic shielding booths
Desone E:BOX

Desone E:BOX

The special “EM shielding” version Desone E:BOX provides protection from external electromagnetic radiation and creates a shielded region inside the booth. This reduction of incident radiation keeps interference voltages away from electronic devices in the booth.

Alternating electric fields

To avoid low-frequency alternating electric fields (50 Hz), all the electrical installation for the booth is arranged outside the shielded area. The transformer for the low-voltage lighting that runs on direct current, the light switch, the electric fan and its regulator are outside the shielding, just like the 220 V power supply.

Electromagnetic radiation

The booth is shielded by a special, very finely woven copper material to protect against both low and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (LF and HF radiation). This protective shield surrounds all the components of the booth. The joints are reduced to the minimum that is technically feasible. The ventilation system has a labyrinthine airflow and is also shielded. The window and the door have a mesh shield and a metallised layer, and are electrically connected to neighbouring components of the booth. The mesh and its constituent components are all electrically connected to an external earth terminal. This terminal is connected to the building’s own earth so that electrical potentials will be equalised.

Further measures

We can provide equipment to meet customers’ specific needs. If a 220 V electricity supply is required in the booth’s interior from time to time, it is possible to provide optional equipment to disconnect the electrical cables from the power supply when they are not being used, to create field-free conditions. We can also install earth connections inside the booth if desired.

EM shielded soundproof booths Desone E:BOX
EM shielded soundproof booths E:BOX
EEG measurement in a shielded booth
EEG measurement in a shielded booth