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Measuring booths
Desone M:BOX

M:BOX size D

A defined environment is a necessary pre-requisite for tests to give good results that are reproducible. Our measuring booths M:BOX create just such a working environment, precisely according to the criteria desired by the customer.

General conditions

Our measuring rooms of the type M:BOX not only realise the acoustic isolation between the measuring station and the environment, but if required can also create special conditions, for example setting up an individual lighting arrangement, realising reverberation times that are more or less “similar to free-field conditions” using special pyramid absorbers, or controlling the temperature by adapting the integrated ventilation system.


The measuring/testing booths are available in various sizes – the wall constructions System ZS and System ZSW greatly reduce sound levels.

We can also supply our M:BOX mini as a small, non-accessible measurement chamber if you are short of space.


The M:BOX can be set up quickly and easily in various environments without the need for building work, for example right inside a lab - or in production rooms or a room dedicated to making measurements.


The standard version of our measuring booths already comes with extensive accessories, and depending on the purpose of the booths they can also be fitted with various other items of equipment or additional modules.

Measuring booth for technical equipment
High degree of insulation, good illumination