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Practice booths for musicians and music lessons
Desone S:BOX

Desone S:BOX with angled corner and additional windows

Using an S:BOX sound booth as a musician’s practice room or for music lessons is one of the “classical” uses.

From the small booth for individual musicians to the generous model for teaching one or more students, all the booths offer optimum conditions for practising undisturbed.

Sound-insulating effect

The great absorbing effect of our “soundblocker booth” System ZS with its double-shelled wall really comes into its own here and in most cases is the deciding criterion for acquiring a practice booth.

No matter whether you want to play the saxophone, the trombone, the trumpet, a stringed instrument or a grand piano – the maximum possible sound level of over 100 dB(A) in the interior of the booth is reduced effectively on the outside. This allows musicians to practise without disturbing their neighbours more or less at any time of the day or night.

The knowledge that nobody on the outside can hear what they are doing is essential to many of our customers when they want to practise without worrying about the noise level – and especially for singers this is important for being able to work ­“freely”.


A practising booth can be installed in your own home or in almost any other room, and does not need any kind of permit. Self-assembly usually does not pose any problems and saves money.


The standard version of our S:BOX practice booths comes with all the necessary features, such as a passive ventilation system with two channels for air intake and outlet that are covered with sound-absorbing material, interior lighting with a switch, and power sockets.

Acoustic elements for adjusting the room sound and a window in the door also come with all booths as standard.

Depending on the purpose for which the booths are required, they may be equipped with various additional equipment or extra modules.

Practise-booth with violinist
Violinist in S:BOX practice room with angled corners
S:BOX with 2 drumsets
Two drumsets in an S:BOX size H