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Speaker´s booths for recording and broadcast
Desone T:BOX

Desone T:BOX at the "Deutsche Welle" studios

It is not necessary to have a large sound studio for recording human speech.

A booth for one or several speakers provides the necessary sound insulation and creates a room with defined interior acoustics for professional recordings.

Our T :BOX speaker´s booths for recording and broadcasting provide the compact solution because they can be used as small recording booths for individual speakers or as larger booths for several persons.

Great adaptability

The modular construction of these vocal booths allows flexible use even with larger room areas, and they can be altered, or taken out again and re-installed elsewhere at any time.

The totally decoupled construction of the twin-shell construction of System ZS provides the best values for sound insulation for all acoustic situations.

Co-ordinating the interior acoustics

Acoustic modules are used to adjust the interior acoustics to suit any taste and any requirements – this is the only way to make your voice recording “balanced”.

The angled interior walls of System ZSW also allow greater diffusivity in the interior.


Our T :BOX studio booths can be installed in all kinds of surroundings, such as on business premises alongside normal offices, in post-production right next to where the recordings are edited, or in private working areas for free-lance announcers and narrators.


All the speech recording booths are supplied from the factory varnished in mist grey and come with an extensive range of accessories. Depending on the purpose for which the booths are needed, they may be fitted with various extra equipment or additional modules.

Inside view Desone speakers booth T:BOX
Interior view of a Desone speakers booth
T:BOX with large studio window
T:BOX with large studio window and angled corner