Desone Modular Acoustics
Sound Engineering Systems (German L.L.C.)
Buchholzer Straße 63D, D-13156 Berlin
Fon: +49 30 92 79 66 80
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About us

What started at the beginning of the 1990s as a one-man operation with the first sound-absorbing booth as a practice room for a violinist in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has now, almost 25 years later, developed into a small, specialised company.

For all areas of application in mobile sound insulation and modular room acoustics we offer a suitable solution, from the “soundblocker” practice booth (which has been developed further in many details and is widely used), to the compact speaker’s booth and the special audiometry booth for use in hospitals, to the extensive assortment of acoustic elements.

We still attach importance to skilled handiwork and individual support for our customers. If you dial our telephone number you will have personal contact with us - and not with a “hotline”. We know our products and will be glad to answer your questions in detail.

Our production here provides a “direct line” to all your contact persons, the staff in planning and order processing, and our staff in production.

This means that our strengths are both small-scale production and the custom-made solutions: we manage large projects and give individual service in “tricky cases” as well...

Personal contact with our customers
The direct line to production
Handcrafted details