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Just like our acoustic elements, our sound-proofed cabins are designed with self-assembly in mind. Many constructive details have been especially co-ordinated to allow easy assembly without any special tools.


Depending on the particular type and the size of the booth, putting it together yourself will only take from a few hours to a maximum of two days for very large booths with a large amount of equipment. You do not need special expertise or a large toolkit.

However you should have some one to help you and a bit of practical skill. The detailed assembly instructions supplied will guide you step by step through the whole process – and if you have any questions about assembly you can phone us during normal office hours and we will be happy to help you.

Installing the acoustic elements is “child’s play” – the hook-and-loop attachments hold the elements in the required place in the booth or room. The best positions for obtaining the desired acoustic effects can be determined by trying out different arrangements.

Assembly services

If "self-assembly" is not possible or not desired, we offer to send our specialist fitters to set up your system for you.

You can choose between the services "assembly", done by a Desone fitter, aided by the customer, and "complete assembly", in which case we deliver the booth or the acoustic elements, take it all to the location where it is to be used, and it is then assembled on a “turnkey” basis without the customer having to do anything.

More informations and the prices of our assembly services you will find in our catalogue, which can be downloaded here.

Self-assembly of a cabin size B - first steps
Assembly of a booth by a Desone specialist fitter
Assembly by a Desone specialist fitter
Desone fitter
The "final touches"...