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Measuring service

It is not always necessary to measure parameters when determining the acoustics of a room or setting up a sound isolation booth. As a rule the first thing to be analysed and determined is the customer’s own requirement for sound insulation or room acoustics by looking at the specific situation.

Modular construction and co-ordination

In the great majority of cases we can determine the number of acoustic modules and their co-ordinated arrangement, or the fittings for a sound-absorbing booth, without prior measurements on the basis of our experience. The modular construction of all our products allows fine tuning by placing the acoustic elements in different positions, and still lets you make changes easily at a later date by adding modules.

Determining acoustic parameters

In individual cases it can be useful or necessary to determine acoustic parameters:

  1. If there are sources of interference in the low-frequency range and the efficacy of the sound-insulating technique appears doubtful
  2. If you have to keep to certain pre-defined values'
  3. If a precisely defined interior acoustic is required for a specific application.

Our on-site acoustic measuring service

We offer you a measuring service for local determination of all the desired values such as sound level reduction or reverberation time, using Class 1 measuring equipment. With these values and the resulting measuring report our engineer can make detailed statements about the acoustic situation.

Depending on the relevant field of use and the particular problem, measurements can be made before and/or after the application of acoustic techniques.

Dodecahedron loudspeaker and micrphone
Class 1 sound level meter