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Feedback from our customers

Positive feedback from our customers even years after completion of their projects confirms our “philosophy”. Here are some citations:

“Hello, I would like to thank you in this email for your friendliness during our various telephone calls, for the very fine booth and for the prompt delivery. The assembly instructions really are very, very well written and the assembly itself was no problem at all. With 2 people (men) the booth was fully assembled in just one day. All the parts were perfectly matched and fitted together without any problem. Here are a few pictures ...

Musical regards, E.R.”

“… it was a long time ago, since progress is often made slowly, but I would like to give you some feedback on my booth. To summarise: what you have designed, produced and delivered is really great! Two people can manage the assembly just fine, as promised; no – it was impressive, because whenever we thought “that won’t work because…” we took another look at your instructions, and sure enough, once again everything had been thought of ... The material was also precisely and nicely finished. The whole process from the first telephone call to delivery by the forwarding agent was pleasant and professional. This may all be something that you take for granted, but unfortunately good quality and satisfactory processing are not always standard (e.g. I recently tried to have a telephone installed in the studio ...) So you and your staff have earned explicit praise! I will certainly recommend you!

Greetings from Cologne, D. H.”

“hello Desone team, I am so totally delighted with your booth that I have added a link on my web site. I used your logo for this. Many thanks again for the fantastic made-to-measure work! Every day I think my booth is great and I use it at all hours of the day.

I am still totally satisfied, regards, e.-m. s., musician”