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Here you will find a selection of references from the most varied areas. If you are interested in a special application, it may be possible in individual cases to arrange contact with the customer.

The projects shown underlined have photos available - click on the project name to see the photos.

Numerous customers from the private area are not listed here.

ARD Berlin studio SWR (D)
Speech recordings for TV news

Autostadt Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg (D)
Interpreter´s booth for conferences

AV media centre of Saarbrücken (D)
Booth for sound editing

Bayrischer Rundfunk, Munich (D)
Speaker’s booth for ARD studio Rome (I)

Belgian Broadcasting, Eupen (B)
Speaker’s booth for radio programmes

Belgian Broadcasting, Brussels (B)
Two speaker’s booths for traffic news

Rehabilitation centre Bad Pyrmont (D)
Recording booth for media design

Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra, Bielefeld (D)
Practice room for members of the orchestra

Big Shots GmbH, Hamburg (D)
Voice-over productions for TV

Federal Institute for Geosciences
and Natural Resources (BGR), Hannover
Sound-isolated measuring room

Charité University Hospital, Berlin (D)
Measuring and examination room

coda entertainment, Munich (D)
Sound recordings for computer games

Continental Automotive Systems, Shanghai (CHN)
Measuring chamber for hydraulic aggregates

Deutsche Bahn AG head office, Berlin (D)
Acoustic booth for business TV

Deutsche Welle, Bonn (D)
Speaker’s booth for TV and radio

DaimlerChrysler TV-Media GmbH, Stuttgart (D)
Speaker’s booth for image productions

digital images, Halle (D)
Audio booth for DVD and media mastering

Greuthof publishing house, Hamburg (D)
Speech recordings for radio plays

ENT department at the university hospital, Göttingen (D)
Measuring box for hearing experiments

Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig (D)
Speech and sound booth for media art

Hydrographic Agency South Tyrol, Bolzano (I)
Weather and avalanche reports

Institute for hearing technology and audiology
at the University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg
Audiometry booth for the “House of Listening”

Institute of Linguistics at the University of Leipzig (D)
Psycholinguistics experimental environment

University of Graz (A)
Five screened booths for the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Audiology clinic at the Charité Medical Center, Berlin (D)
Soundproof room for EEG measurements

Konzerthaus Berlin, Berlin (D)
Practice room for members of the orchestra

Literaturwerkstatt Kulturbrauerei, Berlin (D)
Live recording and archiving of readings

Magna Spiegelsysteme GmbH, Assamstadt (D)
Measuring room for product development

Max-Planck–Institut, Leipzig (D)
Audiometry/neuro-psychological research

Medienhaus & Partner GmbH, Vienna (A)
Voice recordings for Web TV

Rhineland-Palatinate police media centre, Alsenborn (D)
Training and documentation videos

Media centre at the Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus (D)
Booths for recording soundtracks for video productions

Musikinstrumente Hofmann, Klein-Umstadt (D)
Testing booth for wind instruments

Music school, Frankfurt/Oder (D)
Practice rooms for drummers

Army school of logistics, Osterholz-Scharmbeck (D)
Booth for voice recordings

Nokia Customer and Market Operations, Bochum (D)
Measuring room for developing mobile phones

Odense Symfoniorkester, Odense (DK)
Practice booth for timpanists

Project studio P.v.D., Berlin (D)
Production of electronic music

Radio Point Of Sale GmbH, Kiel (D)
Advertisements for sales rooms

SWR regional studio, Friedrichshafen (D)
Speaker’s booth for regional TV news

Robert Bosch vocational college, Dortmund (D)
Training rooms for students of “video and audio media design”

Rochlitzer, Julian - freelance speaker (D)
Vocal booth for radio features

Ronald Video Adapt, Alkmaar (NL)
Speaker’s booth for TV productions

RTL New Media GmbH, Cologne (D)
Post production for TV spots

Schmitz, Oliver – free-lance speaker (D)
Speaker’s booth "at home"

Radio Berlin Brandenburg (RBB), Berlin (D)
Speaker’s booth for news broadcasts

sessionbox-Center, Hamburg (D)
Ten practice booths for musicians

Sidow, Helge - free-lance speaker (D)
Speaker’s booth on private premises

SOS Training centre, Berlin (D)
Sound studio for the course “media: image and sound” , Vienna (A)
Five double booths for soundtracks for web news

University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart (D)
Recording room for percussion

German Children’s Museum Foundation, Duisburg (D)
Room for experimenting with musical instruments

Stiftung Warentest, Berlin (D)
Language transmission of live test reports

Studio Gottardi/Ciardi, Rome (I)
Recording room for musical instruments

swissvoice AG, Hägendorf (CH)
Measuring room for telecommunications technology

Terratec Electronic GmbH, Nettetal (D)
Acoustic measurements of audio hardware

Theodor-Lessing-Stiftung, Hannover (D)
Sound-proofed practice booth for scholarship holders at the “Vielharmonie”

University hospital Würzburg/orthodontics, Würzburg (D)
Centre for pre-language development

Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin (D)
Voice booth in sound studio

Welsch4U, Berlin (D)
Projection and recording room for dubbing

ZDF regional studio, Hamburg (D)
“Divided” speaker’s booth for two editing workplaces