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Additional equipment
Desone sound-absorbing booths

Ventilation system

Depending on the size and uses of sound isolation booths, it may be necessary to bring fresh air into the interior of the booth via the standard passive ventilation system and actively via an electric fan.

Our fans are infinitely adjustable and are installed on an exterior wall to suck air out through an outlet pipe.

It is also possible to install air conditioning or to connect the ventilation system to the building’s existing ventilation or air-conditioning system.

Interior acoustics

Acoustic elements adapt the room sound to suit various situations and requirements.

The following modules can be supplied to make individual adjustments to the degree of absorption inside a booth, studio or recording room:

  1. Surface absorbers
  2. Wedge absorbers
  3. Block absorbers

All of these absorbers are available in several different sizes and colours. You can find more detailed information on this topic under Acoustic elements.

Working surfaces

The “booth as a workstation” can have a range of extra equipment fitted to ensure that the available space is put to optimum use and that all the tools needed can be stored within easy reach.

We can supply permanent work surfaces in the desired position across the whole interior width of the booth or as an L-shape in a corner, also with an absorptive covering. These surfaces are installed at the desired height for working – and there are no table legs to get in your way.

Working surfaces can also come with fold-away consoles, so they are simply moved out of the way when not in use.

Cable ducts

Cable ducts allows several cables and their connectors (audio, video, data) entry into the booth.

This cable conduits can be installed at any point in the booth during assembly.

Electrical installations

In addition to the standard, it is possible to have extra electrical sockets at positions of your choice.

The standard illumination can be replaced or complemented by various other lights.

Individual installations can also be realised upon request.

Electric fan for desone soundproof booth
Electric fan
Wedge absorbers
Working surface
Working surface
KDV cable ducts und SDZ additional electrical sockets
Cable ducts and additional electrical sockets
LED spotlights
LED spotlights