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Desone sound-absorbing booths

The fully pre-assembled modules put together at the required location determine the overall design and utility of a booth. These construction elements can also be added or swapped over later if the situation changes.


Due to the twin-shelled construction of the booth, doors are always double (inner door opens inwards, outer door opens outwards.

You can choose the direction in which the door opens and also the position of the door(s). Windows in the doors come in several sizes, and we can also supply doors in special widths.

All the booth doors are also available without a window.

Additional windows

Additional windows are available in a range of sizes and versions, and you can choose the arrangement of window elements in the booth wall. These windows cannot be opened.

They are available in the following dimensions:

  1. FZS 60 / 100 / 120 (width 35 cm, height 60 / 100 / 120 cm)*
  2. FZB 60 / 100 / 120 (width 51 cm, height  60 /100 / 120 cm)*
  3. FQ 120 (width 120 cm, height  70 cm)*

Angled corners

Booths can be adapted to various different situations by adding angled corners, which may contain the door or a window. We offer a choice of two types of angled corners (depending on the booth construction):

  1. SE 45  Angled corner, 45 degrees*
  2. SED 45  Angled corner, 45 degrees, double width*
  3. SET 45  Angled corner, 45 degrees, with door or window*
  4. SEDT 45  Angled corner, 45 degrees, double width, with door or window*

* Modules not necessarily available for all types of booth.

Standard door in Desone S:BOX
T:BOX with angled corner SET 45 and additional window FZB 100