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Only careful planning in advance and the following appropriate technical sound measures can ensure the best acoustic results.

After checking all the key data it is possible to decide whether to provide just consultation/planning on construction measures or room acoustics as a service, or whether it might be necessary to supply acoustic elements or a suitable sound-absorbing booth.


All our services aim to optimise the acoustic properties of your working environment. This optimisation means the following, first and foremos

  • Realisation of the required acoustic values for the target areas in terms of sound protection and room acoustics
  • Perfect utilisation of the available room
  • Optimisation of the available space using a sound-protected booth
  • Smooth, practical workflows taking into account the ergonomic requirements
  • Binding co-ordination of dates – right up to just-in-time delivery, and assembly that does not disrupt normal operation as an extra service.

Stages of realisation

At all stages of implementation we offer you defined services – from the quotation and placing of the order, to manufacture, finalising the planning, up to delivery or assembly. And after an order has been completed we are still available for service or later planning.

In the menu in the column to the left you will find further information to help you get an idea of what is involved, and you can send us information about your acoustic situation and the rooms you have. With the aid of this information we can draw up a non-binding offer for the services you require.

Planning your soundproof booth with our detailed catalogue