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Floor plan

To get a first impression of your room(s) we need a floor plan from you. Usually a simple hand-drawn sketch is sufficient - if possible it should be to scale.


Please mark on the sketch all the important details of the room,

  1. the outlines of the room / its walls
  2. projections from the walls, niches, heaters, cable ducts, etc.
  3. the positions of doors, windows and the direction in which they open
  4. the major dimensions of the room and the height at the lowest point.

Contact us

Of course we will be glad to discuss these planning details on the telephone. You can call us during normal business hours - here are our contact details.

Planning grid  for floor plan from Desone catalogue
Planning grid from our catalogue with a sketch of a booth

Use the planning grid from our catalogue for outlining your booth and all the important details of the room where it will be situated.
You can also download the planning grid from our catalogue here.