Desone Modular Acoustics
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Sizes of sound-absorbing booths

The modular construction means that all our booths can be varied in many different ways to adapt to your rooms and requirements for special uses.

Various standard sizes

can be supplied with different interior capacities by putting several modules together:

Standard booth sizes (schematic illustration)
Standard sizes (schematic illustration)

All dimensions are given in cm.
Dimensions are external dimensions for System ZS / ZSW.
The wall thickness differs for each wall construction:
System ZS: 20 cm, System ZSW: 20-25 cm.

Various heights

can be realised to suit varying space requirements and the available room height. The following heights are available:

  Desone booth Room
Heights interior exterior ceiling
Standard 1,87 m 2,09 m ≥ 2,25 m
Additional 2,00 m 2,22 m ≥ 2,40 m
Special 2,14 m 2,35 m ≥ 2,55 m
Maximum 2,44 m 2,66 m ≥ 2,90 m
Comparison of heights of desone booths
Schematic view comparing the various heights
(Size of the person approx. 1,75 m)


Special sizes are available on request.