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Expansion, special sizes and shapes

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for the available space where you want to put a booth, and for your special requirements for the interior of that booth? Would you like to be able to make changes later on? The modular construction of our booths makes all this possible.

Selecting the position of construction elements

The positions of the door, windows and ventilation unit, and the direction in which the door opens, can be chosen almost without restriction and individually adapted to your situation.

Angled corners

Angled corners in various widths and angles, even with the door or the window in the angled module, further increase the range of possible floor plans.

Adding construction elements

The additional insertion of components with special dimensions makes it possible to realise more or less any size down to the centimetre. The height of a booth can also be adapted as required or altered at a later date. However, all our booths in special sizes are still based on standard sizes – it is possible to restore the original situation at any time.

Later alterations

If your room situation changes over time, construction elements can be added or removed to vary the size of your booth or to change the positions of individual modules - you can adapt your booth to your changing requirements!

Examples of custom floor plans (with additional non-standard modules and equipment)
Interior view S:BOX with angled corner
S:BOX with additional door and angled corner
E:BOX, tripartite installation, doors opening in opposite directions
E:BOX with doors opening in opposite directions