Desone Modular Acoustics
Sound Engineering Systems (German L.L.C.)
Buchholzer Straße 63D, D-13156 Berlin
Fon: +49 30 92 79 66 80
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Your requirements

For us to be able to consider all your requirements right from the start, it is important that we have the following information. Please add the information to the floor plan or send it to us separately.

  1. Information about the range of uses
  2. Required acoustic values, if known
  3. Size and position of booth, measuring box etc.
  4. Location and orientation of door(s) and window(s)
  5. Information about the number and type of acoustic elements
  6. Special equipment requests such as accessories, colour, etc.

Of course we can also clarify these details by telephone - often some questions only come up after a while during the course of the initial discussion.

Our contact details

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