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At this point we would like to show you a few examples of our current, "more prestigious" commissions. You will find a more extensive list of our other projects with a wide range of applications in the References section.

IKMZ, D-Cottbus

The media centre at the Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus contains two of Desone’s T :BOX recording booths used for editing image videos and as a training studio. The booths were custom-built to special sizes with large windows, and blend in discreetly with the very striking architecture of the building.

ZDF foreign studio, London

The foreign studio of the German public-service television broadcaster ZDF in London is situated quite central in the british capital - in a typical London townhouse, between Buckingham Palace and Downing Street No. 10.

During the renovation the studio was equipped with a Desone T :BOX. For the post-editing of news and reports from Great Britain und Ireland, produced among others for "Heute-Nachrichten" and "Heute-Journal", now there is a professional workspace ready to use for the speakers.

Continental AG, Shanghai

Noise emissions from hydraulic aggregates are measured in an acoustic measuring chamber M:BOX system ZS. The measuring booth is in the Continental colours.

sessionbox centre, D-Hamburg

This practice centre is equipped with ten S:BOX system ZS booths of different sizes and with varying equipment.
Musicians in Hamburg can hire the booths for rehearsing.

Julian Rochlitzer, freelance speaker

The private live-studio for broadcasting radio features and telephone interviews has been completed with a speaker´s booth type T :BOX.

Desone T:BOX BAB orange
Homestudio with orange coloured blockabsorbers

Sport1 Multimedia GmbH, A-Vienna

There are five identical double booths each with room for two commentators, who can provide soundtracks for video sports reports for the web site

Karl-Franzens-University, A-Graz

The faculty of science is equipped with five Desone E:BOX measuring booths with EM shielding.

Belgian Broadcasting (BRF), B-Brussels

Two announcer’s T :BOX System ZS booths for broadcasting live traffic reports.

ZDF regional studio, D-Hamburg

The “partitioned” T :BOX speaker’s booth serves two workplaces
side-by-side for editing.

Speaker's booth T-BOX serving two rooms
One of the two rooms served by one T:BOX

Deutsche Welle, D-Bonn

A T :BOX speaker´s booth for speech recordings used in TV and radio broadcasting.

Children´s Museum Foundation, D-Duisburg

Two large and brightly coloured soundproof booths provide children with a place to experiment with musical instruments and a sound studio for recording music in the converted harbour warehouse housing the Children’s Museum.

Berlin University of the Arts, D-Berlin

Speaker’s T :BOX booth in the university’s sound studio.

Robert Bosch vocational college, D-Dortmund

Seven large sound-insulated booths from Desone are arranged in a U-shape. The students are training to become “video and audio media designers”.

Robert Bosch vocational college
Training room for multimedia designers with Desone soundproof booths

Literaturwerkstatt Kulturbrauerei, D-Berlin

Live readings are recorded, processed and archived in a T :BOX booth that has good visual contact with the producer.

Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, D-Ilmenau

A special double-walled booth for presenting the IOSONO technology of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology at CeBit and other trade fairs.

Helge Sidow, freelance narrator

This T :BOX speaker’s booth for professional speech recordings is located in private working space. Recording speech “at home” and then transferring it directly to the customer means you do not have to spend time in a costly sound studio.

T:BOX views
T:BOX speaker’s booth